Web (mobile) Interfaced jAddressBook

What, Why, Where?

An address book is an example of most generic type of personal records management system. jAddressBook extends a little bit the personal record management system making it more versatile. It keeps tack of

  • Contact name
  • telephone numbers
  • e-mails
  • addresses
  • bookmarks
  • passwords to network accounts
  • social media site friends
  • notes including attachments
  • and more

jAddressbook also partially resolves the following problems

  1. An application independence
  2. OS independence
  3. High availability
  4. Native and web UI including mobile specific
  5. Auto update contact information
  6. High security
  7. Sharing certain details of contact information
  8. Publishing area of expertise, interests and so on for extending network
  9. Direct connection with e-mail programs
  10. Organize all your vehicles documents (insurance, warranties, service & maintenance)
  11. Itemize all your credit cards (card numbers, balance, toll-free numbers)
  12. Itemize your insurance policies (home, medical, dental, vision, etc.)
  13. Organize your financial documents (accounts, savings, bonds, stocks, CD's, 401K)
  14. Organize all your essential household information (deed, fuse box location,  power shut-off, sprinkler shut-off, water shut-off, purchase receipts)
  15. Prioritize all your legal documents (divorce, child custody, leases, Last Will and Testament, Living Will, military documents, passports, Power of Attorney, real estate deeds, trusts)
  16. Organize all your educational information (transcripts, financial aid documents, correspondence)
  17. Itemize your warranties (receipts, manuals, maintenance contracts)

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Start Java client

Visit jAddressBook Home at SourceForge.Net

More about the program

It can run literally anywhere, I have instances of it running on:

  • Corporative cloud
  • Windows laptop
  • Linux desktop
  • Raspberry Pi server
  • Android phone
  • Blackberry PlayBook
  • Kindle Fire


To participate in this project no any special skills or background required. However to be involved in particular development some knowledge of Java and web design can require. You will need also to download a great building tool 7bee.

Developer notes

Currently no version control publicity available for the project. The is a plan to create one under umbrella .

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I highly appreciated help and support of many people.